We  are BladelShop  have been providing our high quality and affordable goods and services through our multi level supply chain. We have been in market since August 2015 and have been getting customers satisfaction until now. This company was initiated by a our respected CEO, Muhammad sayd   who along with his sincere companions initiated an idea for providing customers what they want and providing them goods in affordable prices with high standard of quality. This idea then turned into an actual launch of our supply chain where people visits and orders whatever they want. We have been targeting daily usage products which are not easily accessible through online shopping mediums.

We have an amazing inspection team who is working days and nights to judge the quality of products. Everything being provided to customers is high quality and durable products which fulfills each and every criteria of a high standard. Our company has a plus point of customers satisfaction and loyalty which is our main motive.

According to our CEO:

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company”